Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Holiday Bee

I have so wanted to do another etsy feature.
And I've been wanting to do the whole blog hop thing.
Unfortunately time is tumbling by at a rapid pace...
and I have been a busy little Holiday Bee, like many of you, I'm sure.
The Good News is that the Little Icon Music Journals are
a BIG HIT...and Still...at a LITTLE PRICE!...AND
there are constantly new ones being added for different ages,
and genres of music.
(You can take a peek here)
The Bad News is...well, there is...
housework, laundry, three kids,
preparing for Thanksgining, which always sneaks up on me,
and of course just the everyday life stuff we all need to do!
Not so bad after all.
I am so blessed in so many ways, especially with
my children.
I just wish sometimes there were two of me!
Ok, or maybe for Mary Poppins to come sweeping down,
along with a Maid Service. (:
Until then....Happy Tuesday all....and have a
Wonderful n Blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lady GaGa

Know A Lady GaGa Fan?
This is a Fabulous Little Journal for a Great Christmas Gift
or Stocking Stuffer at JUST $3.50!
Also available in Custom Orders of the Fave Musician, Writer, Artist,
Interest of YOUR Choice!
Just contact me here or at PennyPaperworks on etsy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Etsy Sellers Have The Most Imaginative, Unique Ornaments, For Any Style And Any Budget! Here's Just A Dozen To Get You Get You Started!
These Will Make Fantastic , Memorable Christmas Gifts, For Anyone On Your List!
My Featured Etsy Sellers:
Just Click on the pic for better detail!
It's funny how everyone has their own way of decorating their holiday Christmas tree. Some go with a particular color scheme, others...it's all lights and bows.
And some... just let the kids have a Hey Day about it.
We Are Kind of In-Between.
Personally, I LOVE our "Signature Tree" which includes ornaments of all kinds, from Hand Blown Glass From Germany to Pre-School Macoroni!
(And the kids love it too!)
They all have their own stories to tell.
The tree glistens and shines like something from a Candy Land Fairy Tale.
It is Uniquely Ours!
And there is something new... every year, with another memory to share.
Make Christmas Tree Memorable, with Great Crafting and Artisians From etsy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Morning Thoughts...

2. Why is the Weather Channel turning into a Variety Show?
3. SO GLAD to wake up to Custom Orders for My Little Icon Journals!
And where is YOUR order, btw? Great Gift n Stuffer!
See the post below!
4. SO GLAD to have made 10 sales in the 10 days my shop has been open!
Thanks all!
5. Wondering if I should make more HOLD IT's for the shop...or focus more
on other items.
6. Why are the neighbors so ahea of us on teh whole seasonal yard clean
thing? It's a conspiracy! (:
7. Really must do major indoor and outdoor clean up...
8. Loving Fall...
9. With God ALL Things Are Possible!
10. Looking forward to my upcoming etsy feature HERE! So stay tuned!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

NEW Custom Made FOR YOU!

PennyPaperworks is now offering CUSTOM Icon Journals Just For You!

Who is your favorite musician, artist, writer?

Need a Special Gift or Stocking Stuffer for a Friend, Family or CoWorker?

This is it! AFFORDABLE and FUN!

So let me know....who is the Icon of your choice?

Pennypaperworks will deliver them to your door!

(OK well, the mailman will! (:)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


SOOOOO...AM I on the Ugly Blog list yet??? Dear Daughter...please help me make aesthetically pleasing revisions to my blog...so I don't feel like I'm on the putting green! Thank You...Much LOVE....MOM.....Stay tuned readers...she is a whiz!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Introducing SOPHIE...

This is a Sophie. A SOPHIE HOLD IT! to be exact. She needs a home.
She is very useful, and can hold, Post IT Notepads, Coupons, Recipes,
Notes To One's Self, (I like that!), Photos, and more!
Quite useful indeed.
And Pretty too. Though I may be somewhat biased because I created her.
You can hang Sophie, ...I know it sounds cruel, but she doesn't mind.
Or, I can magnetize her so she will stay put, wherever you stick her.
(I think my husband would like to do that to me)
She will also lay flat on a desk or countertop.
(Don't know many people we can say that about!)
Yes, Sophie is One Of A Kind!
And she comes cheap.
See for yourself...Take a peek
(Sophie likes peekers!)
...Sophie's waiting....

Sweet Etsians

There is a Sweet Etsy Team Called FAM...Fabulous Artistic Moms...Who Try and Help Promote One Another.
No Strings Attached, who has a lovely etsy shop, by the way, was kind enough to give me a blurb on her blog!
So go take a peek and look at her wonderful etsy wares while you are there.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


WELCOME to Penny Paperworks Blogspot!
I'm looking forward to sharing with all the wonderful people I have met on etsy where I have opened my latest shop...Penny Paperworks!
There you can find handcrafted paper goodies and gifts, pretty, fun
and functional...for well...
almost pennys!
Now I'm off to run errands, promote and create!
Ms. Penny's work is never done (:
Come back again and share YOUR blogspot with me!