Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Introducing SOPHIE...

This is a Sophie. A SOPHIE HOLD IT! to be exact. She needs a home.
She is very useful, and can hold, Post IT Notepads, Coupons, Recipes,
Notes To One's Self, (I like that!), Photos, and more!
Quite useful indeed.
And Pretty too. Though I may be somewhat biased because I created her.
You can hang Sophie, ...I know it sounds cruel, but she doesn't mind.
Or, I can magnetize her so she will stay put, wherever you stick her.
(I think my husband would like to do that to me)
She will also lay flat on a desk or countertop.
(Don't know many people we can say that about!)
Yes, Sophie is One Of A Kind!
And she comes cheap.
See for yourself...Take a peek
(Sophie likes peekers!)
...Sophie's waiting....